Period: June – September 2021
Client: Municipality of Groningen

In 2020, the Municipality of Groningen put out a tender to select a startup that would be able to find solutions to social issues. In this case, it was about developing a solution to increase awareness about travelling responsibly and encourage people to make responsible mobility choices. Campus Groningen was one of the partners.

Our existing Mobility Portal, adapted to the campus in Groningen, provides the perfect solution. The mobility platform is fully integrated into the campus website. It gives visitors a list of options for travelling to Campus Groningen. Cycle and pedestrian routes will be added when it is possible and realistic to do so. Each option shows factors to consider, such as the environmental impact and health benefits. The portal also provides insight into which modes of transport visitors use to travel and where they come from. It lets each visitor make informed choices and allows Campus Groningen to respond appropriately to them.


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