Period : May/July 2021
Client : Traffic & More/Boskalis

We ran a similar Online Traffic Management project on two stretches of motorway, the A4 from Burgerveen to Schiphol and the A9 from Raasdorp to Velsen. The campaign began informing road users a week before the road works were due to start. We used Waze Takeovers and advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google Display for this purpose. We also showed the correct road closures and road works in the Waze, Google Maps, TomTom and Apple Maps navigation apps.

We ran a four-week information campaign on Facebook to target only the road users who use the affected stretches of road.

A4 results
The fact that almost all reactions under the posts were people tagging friends, family or acquaintances showed that the right target audience had been reached. Almost two-thirds of the target audience knew that there would be major traffic disruption along the A4, with half of them altering their route accordingly

In total, the notifications appeared 2.1 million times across all platforms.

A9 results
Here too, around two-thirds of affected road users were aware of the traffic disruption on the A9. However, in this case, over 70% of them made changes to their journeys.

In total, the messages appeared 850,000 times on all platforms.


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