Date: 17 to 22 July 2019

Location: Lichtenvoorde events ground

We used the Mobility Portal as the journey planner for visitors to the Zwarte Cross Festival. Over 30,000 visitors used the journey planner, which was integrated into the festival’s website and app. The journey planner showed different modalities and offered visitors the correct route based on the reason for their visit (day visitors, camping guests, crew, etc.).

We also used our Event Traffic Dashboard to monitor the approach roads and routes to and around the festival. Working with the Waze Community and Localyse meant we were able to place temporary roads and closures in Waze and Google Maps accurately and in good time for the event.

“It’s my belief that motorists are finding following analogue signs ever more difficult/unfamiliar, which is why at the Zwarte Cross we have been looking for other ways of guiding our visitors from A to B. One system we have used is the Mobility Portal. The Mobility Portal is integrated into the Zwarte Cross website and has helped a large group of visitors with individual travel advice. I am convinced that the future lies in informing our visitors digitally!”


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