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1. Content & Availability 

All web pages on this site have been compiled with great care by TripService. Imperfections can nevertheless occur. TripService cannot accept any liability for any direct or indirect damage resulting from factual inaccuracies in the information provided or otherwise resulting from the use or inability to use the information provided. 

This expressly also includes inaccuracies in information originating from third-party suppliers and published on the site. Furthermore, TripService cannot accept liability in any way for direct or indirect damage resulting from technical malfunctions as a result of which the pages are not or not fully available at any time or for a given period. 

All percentages, costs and prices mentioned are subject to change. No rights can be derived from this.

We have taken the utmost care to obtain images and video fragments with the correct rights. If you believe that images or video fragments have been used that have not been obtained correctly, we request that you let us know by e-mail at info@tripservice.nl. We will then agree on a correct agreement or immediately delete the demonstrable image(s) or video fragment(s). 

2. Personal information 

You can visit this website without leaving any personal information. We do use Cookies, which we would like to tell you more about below. 

We only ask for your personal information if you fill out a contact form. This information is sent to us by e-mail and only used to contact you. Collected (personal) data will not be sold or made available to third parties. This is except for special circumstances, for example if required by law.

3. Cookie policy 

3a TripService uses cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages of the website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the visitor’s computer by a page of the website. Such a cookie stores information such as certain preferences of the visitor. This allows TripService to serve the visitor even better on their next visit. 

3b The visitor can decide for himself how to handle cookies. He can set his browser so that it allows, does not allow or partially allows the use of cookies. In the latter case, you can set which websites are allowed to place cookies. It will then be prohibited on all other websites. This option is provided by the most common modern browsers. 

3c Cookies can always be deleted from a computer, again via the browser.

4. Questions 

Do you have questions about the use of your personal data or our cookies? You can then send us an e-mail to info@tripservice.nl 

5. Copyright 

Nothing from this site may be reproduced, stored in an (automated) database and/or made public in any form and in any way without permission from TripService nor be used for other sites. Printing of pages is permitted for personal use only. Anyone who accesses the TripService site is deemed to be aware of the above and to agree with it.

6. Leadinfo 

We use the lead generation service of Leadinfo BV, Rotterdam, Netherlands. The tool recognizes company visits to our website based on IP addresses and shows us publicly available information, such as company names or addresses. In addition, Leadinfo places two first-party cookies to evaluate user behavior on our website and processes domains from form entries (e.g. “Leadinfo.com”) to correlate IP addresses with companies and improve services. More information is available at www.leadinfo.com. On this page: https://www.leadinfo.com/en/opt-out you have an opt-out option. If you opt-out, your data will no longer be recorded by Leadinfo.


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