Data sources

We use a range of sources and combine them in such a way that our services can deliver added value to our clients. We have listed a selection of our data sources below.

Dutch National Data Bank for Traffic Data

The Dutch National Data Bank for Traffic Data (NDW) is one of our larger data sources and we use virtually all of its sources for our services. NDW provides a lot of real-time data on the Dutch road network from more or less every road authority. This data comes from the government, provinces, local authorities and water boards. Here are some examples of the data the NDW provides us with:

  • Road works
  • Bridge openings
  • Dynamic Route Information Panels (DRIPs)
  • Hectometre marking
  • Matrix sign messages (MTM)
  • Road count points
  • Current events, such as accidents and broken-down vehicles

Flemish Traffic Centre

One of the main suppliers for Belgium is the Flemish Traffic Centre (VVC). Just as the NDW does in the Netherlands, the VVC supplies a host of different data for the Flemish roads. We also integrate this data into our services.

National Signposting Service

All data relating to current signposting in the Netherlands is managed by the National Signposting Service (NBd). The NBd makes this data available as open data, which we use in our services.


Although the data provided by Waze is not openly available to the public, it can be used under licence by governments and road authorities. An agreement we have with Waze through 2Ways allows us to use this data.

The data originating from Waze can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Reports – these include accidents, road works and so on.
  2. Jams – these are all ongoing traffic jams in the area.
  3. Irregularities – these are abnormal situations. They refer to any unusual congestion, whose cause is often mentioned as well.

Google Maps

Thanks to our business partnership with Localyse, we have access to all Google Maps APIs. These APIs allow the integration of several data types into our solutions, and include Google Traffic for up-to-date traffic images and Google Places for displaying points of interest.


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