About TripService

TripService is a joint venture between 2Ways and BeSite. It is the combination of over 20 years of creating internet-based solutions and traffic knowledge and experience using both open and closed data (e.g. Waze). This allows us to combine complex data sources into easy-to-use dashboards within a range of applications. The solutions we create for our clients encapsulate the key concepts of insight, analysis and guidance.

Many of our services make use of Waze and Google Maps, giving us over 75% coverage of the Dutch navigation market.


In 2016, 2Ways was born out of a mission to increase the use of open and closed traffic data sources, enrich the available data and use it to develop new applications. Partnerships with Waze and the NDW mean road users have access to more and more relevant information. The main product Wegstatus.nl has become a household name in the navigation market.


BeSite was founded in 1999 as an internet agency and has since expanded into an organisation with 15 employees. BeSite provides digital added value for its clients, who operate within Smart Industry and Smart Mobility. It now has over 15 years of experience in providing mobility solutions for hauliers, parking operators, events organisers and government bodies. For more information, please visit www.besite.nl


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