Tools for events

Events often cause traffic jams in a certain period and area. Monitoring the traffic flows and guiding road users based on real-time information helps an event organiser to provide a better service for it’s visitors. In addition, guiding travel behaviour can offer a solution to make an event more sustainable.

We have various solutions, which together help to better organise mobility around an event. It starts with mapping the transport plan and communicating to the visitors. We can help organizers to process the transport plan in Waze and Google Maps, so visitors and commuters are aware of the changes during the event.

The Mobility Portal provides a clear overview of all travel options for the visitor. These options can be ordered and pay immediately. On the day of the event, the Mobility Portal is the tool to communicate and provide up-to-date information to your visitors.

The Event Traffic Dashboard helps to measure the traffic patterns in your area. Often an event has a operational center where mobility is coordinated. Our dashboard has proven to be an important tool for the operational traffic manager at your events. We can continuously provide visitors travelling by car and navigate with Waze of Google Maps the best route. Also for daily commuters we make sure all necessary traffic updates are available. We work together with the volunteer Waze Community, which enables us to place an experienced editor from the Waze community at an event.


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