Mobility Portal

How do you inform visitors to an area or event about their travel options so that you can guide their travel behaviour? The Mobility Portal makes this possible. Entering a starting point (e.g. the user’s current location) and a destination (e.g. an event, an attraction or a city centre) immediately produces a list of all travel options. These are not only the travel options you get when you use Google Maps or other route planners, they also include travel options recommended by the destination.

A recommendation could be a P+R location with a direct rail link to the destination or organised bus transport to an event. The destination helps determine which travel advice the visitor receives, which makes the Mobility Portal a handy tool for controlling the desired travel behaviour of visitors. It is also possible to offer the best approach routes to parking locations from different directions. This allows visitor traffic to be managed in advance, which reduces traffic congestion on the day of the event.

Multimodal en white label

Some features of the Mobility Portal:

  • A white label environment, i.e. there’s no app to download. The Mobility Portal can be integrated into any existing site or app.
  • Truly multi-modal travel advice, that lets you decide which travel options you want to show. It also offers a chain mobility option, such as parking and additional public transport.
  • The data that the Mobility Portal gathers from users is yours to use for analysis and improvement purposes.
  • Direct booking of other travel options, such as a reserved parking space.

Stages of the customer journey

The Mobility Portal adapts to each stage of the customer journey. Perhaps the user is booking a ticket for an event that’s due to take place in four months or wants to visit an attraction today and needs up-to-date travel information. At each stage, users can request travel advice which may vary according to which stage they are at.


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