Dutch National Data Bank for Traffic Data

In the Dutch National Data Bank for Traffic Data (NDW), 19 authorities work together on collecting, storing and distributing road traffic data. This data is used for effective traffic management, targeted traffic information and meaningful traffic analyses. All this aims to facilitate better accessibility, less congestion, greater road safety and cut emissions of harmful substances. 2Ways led to use drawing up a Data + Services agreement with the NDW. This is a reciprocal arrangement that sets out agreements concerning any additional services provided by NDW and the services we provide in return. Examples of the services we are required to provide in return include things such as checking data quality, data enrichment or passing on safety information to road users.


Waze helps drivers and riders get to where they want to go – faster, smoother, safer and happier – while working to beat congestion. Owned by Google, Waze is a global community of over 115 million people. Wazers, a community of drivers, riders, map editors and beta testers work together to improve our live navigation and help reduce traffic problems.

Through 2Ways, we are a partner of Waze as well as part of the “Waze for Cities” programme, previously known as the Connected Citizens Programme (CCP). The programme was launched to bring road users and road authorities closer together. A lot of road authorities don’t know exactly what is happening on the roads and this programme can change that. Government bodies can only provide the information they are given. Waze shares public incident data so that road authorities can respond more quickly. Since we supply the NDW data to Waze, government bodies in the Netherlands can participate in the programme without there being any obligation to reciprocate.

Waze’s mission is to connect road users and road authorities around the world to increase road safety, improve traffic and navigation apps, and help government bodies make better use of available traffic data. It can be used for urban planning, informing road users and making numerous government tasks more efficient.

Google Maps / Localyse

Localyse is a Google Maps Business Partner in the Benelux. Our partnership with Localyse means we can use their expertise and network in the field of Google Maps. We have been working with various Google Cloud Platform APIs and services. Since these now include Google Maps, we can provide all sorts of services related to Google Traffic, Maps, Places and other Cloud Services.


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