Our Wegstatus.nl platform is free to use for anyone who wishes to get to know the possibilities of traffic and mobility data in the Benelux. In 2016, the platform was set up by Jan Spoelstra as a tool for the Waze community as well as to showcase the possibilities of open data. It started with open data from the Dutch National Data Bank for Traffic Data (NDW) and has now been expanded to include floating car data from Waze and Google Maps, reports from Waze and dozens of other sources. The number of sources is still growing.

The main function of Wegstatus.nl is to inform. The available information is displayed on the website in the dashboard and shared through various channels: Twitter, Slack, Telegram and through data feeds such as RSS. Wegstatus.nl also exchanges data with Waze, Google Maps, TomTom, Apple Maps and other navigation systems. Much of the information that Waze and Google Maps users see en route is provided through Wegstatus.nl. Thanks to Wegstatus.nl, we are also a key partner to NDW when it comes to providing road users with information.


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