Realtime Traffic Update

Whether on a website, on TV or on the radio, we always have the most up-to-date traffic information that can be accessed on any channel you wish. By working with Waze and location data from the NDW (National Database Road Traffic Data) and the VVC (Flemish Traffic Centre), we can generate a highly accurate and detailed Traffic Update for the Netherlands and Flanders.

Using FCD (floating car data) from Waze means this information is accurate and reliable. This information is also faster than, say, measuring systems that use sensors such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or camera systems. Such systems require a vehicle to complete its trip before the journey time is known. When using FCD, a vehicle only needs to cover a small part of a journey to provide information so it is possible to determine much sooner (e.g. halfway) whether there is a traffic jam.

You can read how we did this at DPG Media / Qmusic in Flanders.

Data feed for roadside systems

Journey time information is not only circulated across apps but also to roadside systems such as dynamic route information panels (DRIPS). On many motorways and A-roads, road users are given information about incidents, traffic jams and journey times. We can use FCD (floating car data) to provide real-time traffic information for DRIPs and mobile traffic information panels. This is of added value for events or incidents as the information is collected for all roads rather than just major ones.

The information provided includes delay times along particular routes, journey times for different routes, alternative routes where there have been incidents and the causes of incidents. We supply this information in the form of a data API, which DRIPs and mobile traffic information panels then convert into their own format.


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