Date: February/March 2020

Location: A12 Bridges over the IJssel, Arnhem

For the Bridges over the IJssel project, Rijkswaterstaat asked for our help to provide information to road users. This project was our test case for our Online Traffic Management strategy.

The results were overwhelming. In two months we reached around 700,000 people with information from Rijkswaterstaat. For this project, we used Facebook, Instagram, Waze and Google Display to reach a range of target audiences.

In addition to providing information, we also monitored the throughflow of traffic, which identified where the greatest delays occurred. It also gave us a clear picture of what actions road users were taking. As a result of the information campaign, we noticed that road users really did make adjustments to their behaviour. In week one of the conversion, there were lots of delays; by week three, they had virtually disappeared.

“Thank you very much for your cooperation and see you next time.”


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