Incident dashboard

Harness the power of the Incident Detection Dashboard, available via the Wegstatus platform. This advanced system uses triggers to display relevant incident reports, allowing dispatchers to quickly assess whether a turnout is necessary. Notifications will only appear if they meet specific criteria, such as the designated work area. 

Features of the Incident Detection Dashboard 

1. Real-time Incident Reports 

Experience rapid detection and display of incidents according to specific criteria, optimizing your incident management. 

2. Detailed Information 

Enrich your incident management with detailed data from various reliable sources, such as control rooms and Incident Management Netherlands. 

3. Efficient Reporting 

Generate comprehensive reports with a detailed timeline of events, allowing you to respond quickly and accurately to incidents. 

4. Continuous Monitoring 

Closely monitor changes in traffic information and the presence of road inspectors, further improving the efficiency of your incident management. 

Why choose the Incident Detection Dashboard? 

  • Optimal Efficiency: Respond quickly and specifically to incidents thanks to real-time notifications. 
  • In-Depth Information: Rely on detailed data from a variety of reliable sources for accurate incident management. 
  • Extensive Reporting: Generate clear reports with a detailed timeline of events. 
  • Continuous Monitoring: Stay informed of changes in traffic situations and the presence of road inspectors. 

Optimize incident management with the Incident Detection Dashboard. Contact us for more information or request a demo to experience the features for yourself. Together we take your incident management to a higher level. 


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