Waze Community

The strength of Waze lies in its community, which voluntarily keeps the maps and road layouts up to date. Every user of the Waze app automatically helps keep the information Waze provides to other drivers up to date. They do so for example by sharing information about their speed and position, and by reporting any unusual situations they themselves encounter on the roads.

In addition, there are communities of active volunteers in all parts of the world who mark out new roads, report specific issues such as roadworks and check whether the information they enter is reliable and complete. In the Netherlands, this community is united in the Stichting Waze Vrijwilligers Nederland (Waze volunteers foundation of the Netherlands). We supported this foundation’s establishment and as active supporters, we often deploy its volunteers at roadworks and events.

The foundation’s volunteers are trained Waze editors who make sure that new road layouts (temporary or otherwise), diversions and road closures are entered correctly in Waze. This lets us guarantee the quality of Waze as well as of Google Maps. In most cases, all the information that we enter in Waze is automatically incorporated into Google Maps.


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