Incident feeds

Our service enables customers to obtain real-time incident information from reputable sources, including Waze, NDW, Meldkamer, and Stichting Incident Management. Whether you represent a province such as Overijssel or Gelderland, or are organizing an event, our Incident Feeds provide valuable insight into the current traffic situation. 

What makes our Incident Feeds unique? 

1. Various Data Feeds

With access to Waze, NDW, Meldkamer, and Stichting Incident Management, we offer an extensive range of incident information. These sources cover a broad spectrum of traffic situations and provide a complete picture of what is happening on the roads. 

2. Flexible Access Options

Our Incident Feeds can be accessed via API or the Telegram platform, so you can integrate the information into your existing systems or communication channels. This gives you the flexibility to use the data in the most efficient way. 

3. Fast Response Time

Provinces such as Overijssel and Gelderland already use our service to have road inspectors arrive on site faster. Real-time incident information allows them to respond quickly to traffic problems and improve traffic flow.

Data Validation for Reliability 

We understand that data quality is crucial. That is why we go further than just providing raw data. We validate and consolidate information from different sources to improve reliability. This way you can rely on accurate and up-to-date data to make crucial decisions. 

At TripService we believe in the power of advanced technology to improve mobility. With our Incident Feeds we are ready to provide you with the most relevant and reliable information, so that you can act quickly and effectively. Contact us today and discover how our service can take your traffic management to the next level.


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