Traffic Reportal

One of our customers, Traffic Service Nederland, shows how they use the Traffic Reportal.

Using our Event Traffic Dashboard or Roadwork Traffic Dashboard, we can display all kinds of linked data sources, giving the user clear insight into the situation on the road and the traffic flow along pre-set routes. But how do you also make sure you can influence road users? To do so requires a direct connection to the navigation systems. We offer this link with the Traffic Reportal.

Suppose you need to display a road closure in the navigation systems. How do you do that? With Traffic Reportal you can easily create the road closure yourself, after which you can send it directly to almost any navigation system at the push of a button. This lets you immediately send your information to over 45% of navigation users in the Netherlands, even rising to over 50% in Flanders.

This not only helps you to get your information to where it’s needed, it also makes for more reliable navigation, while increasing safety on the roads. Road users are proactively diverted along suitable roads around road closures, and receive alerts about road workers and traffic controllers.

Traffic Reportal is an online environment that allows for the independent management of road closures, restrictions and notifications in virtually all navigation systems.


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