Roadwork Traffic Dashboard

Insight into the ongoing traffic situation is very important whenever there are roadworks or events. Knowing how traffic is moving and the measures needed to direct it helps traffic flow smoothly at roadworks or on the way to events. The Roadwork Traffic Dashboard helps in this respect by drawing on various data sources from governments and satellite navigation system users.

When there are roadworks, it is important to maintain a smooth flow of traffic at all times. By closely monitoring diversion routes and being able to implement your traffic management measures immediately, you can make sure passers-by keep moving. If you combine this with the management features available in virtually all navigation systems through our Traffic Reportal or the Waze Community, then you have a unique palette of options to ensure the free flow of traffic.

During large-scale or minor road works, it is important that the traffic jams do not get out of hand and that lost vehicle hours/delays remain limited. Within the available margins, we can monitor how routes function as well as the performance of the current diversion routes. Linking this information to KPIs allows us to see quickly and clearly where the current bottlenecks are, and what can be done to resolve them.

Additional congestion can also be prevented because incidents in the traffic management area can be detected much more quickly thanks to incident reports from Waze, the police or the road authorities. This information is displayed in real-time on our dashboard so road authorities such as Rijkswaterstaat, police or traffic controllers can act upon it immediately.

The dashboard can be extended by the addition of the ‘Historical data’ module. This saves the displayed data for a set period of time, revealing any trends and allowing incidents to be analysed afterwards. This helps set out future courses of action and facilitates the making of policy decisions.

When it comes to Events, we offer the Event Traffic Dashboard.


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